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Jaw Crusher blocking material causes and solutions ?

Jaw Crusher blocking material will affect the normal operation of the crushing production line, thereby reducing their productivity, jaw crusher for blocking material problem, how to solve it?

Jaw crusher jump stop is the main reason for blocking material under the jaw crusher cavity row not too much plot material, withstand dynamic cone, resulting in motor overload jump stop.

The first: jaw crusher, high yield, slat conveyors too late to taken away;
The second: downstream equipment jump stop, and the jaw crusher continue crushing. Once this happens, you need to clean up all the material crushing cavity can continue to turn out, time-consuming, generally at least have one hour to complete.

In order to prevent blocking material, we use directly through sound and light indicator indicates pouring. Due to lower operating current jaw crusher cavity and under heavy material conveyor little good correlation, and each material under a multi-cavity caused by jaw crusher jump stop. Therefore, based on the current characteristics of the slat conveyor, developed a solution that is poured in jaw crusher discharge port to install a warning bell and flashing lights, directly connected to the electrical cabinet relay, when the plate conveyor reaches the current value of a set of when the relay, warning lights start flashing, bells are ringing. If the downstream equipment jump stop, when the plate conveyor current is zero, there will be audible and visual alarm alerts. Tramcar driver after receiving the alarm will stop pouring to prevent blocking material.

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