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Innovative development of energy-saving impact crusher ?

Energy-saving impact crusher is a crushing coarse grinding equipment, it is the use of impact crusher works, the material after repeated impact, extrusion, grinding broken, so the machine has broken ratio, low energy consumption, simple structure, light weight, easy to manufacture, easy maintenance, etc., can be used for building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industrial sectors.

Energy-saving impact crusher by the cylindrical body and rotor. Rotor vertically mounted in the hollow body. Rotor from the spindle, disc, hammer. The spindle tops Several layer disc, the hammer is located in the interval of the two disc hingedly mounted on pin 1. The two adjacent hammer dislocation install, from top to bottom to form a spiral arrangement. In order to increase the service life of the hammer, a rotor capable of bidirectional rotation.

Materials from the upper part of the body to the hopper into the first fell on the feed disc by Shuaixiang cylinder wall, so that the material impact crusher, and then to meet the high-speed rotation of the hammer to fall along the cylinder wall by its crushed strike the crushed material after flying to the tubular wall, thus again or several impact crusher. At the same time, the hammer of the whereabouts of materials along the cylinder wall extrusion and grinding role. Spindle upload multiple disc - hammers, so the material can be several impact extrusion, abrasive product particle size is less than 1 to 3 mm. The pulverized material is discharged from the periphery of the bottom of the body.

Hammer head is easy to wear the working parts, ordinary high manganese steel is difficult to withstand the requirements of rapid wear, it is recommended to adopt the high-Cr-V iron, its chemical composition is: ω (C) = 2.6% to 2.9%, w (Si) <0.5%, ω (Mn) = 0.8% ~ 1.20%, ω (Cr) = 25.0% ~ 30.0%, ω (V) = 0.40% ~ 0.80%, according to the product size of the machine components, especially suitable for the artificial aggregate of production, artificial sand is a much-needed raw materials of large dams and high-rise buildings.

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