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What Approach commonly used in mineral processing ?

Gravity Separation ProcessGravity separation pro.

Gravity Separation Process:

Gravity separation process is to separate the mineral according to mineral relative density, namely specific gravity. Mineral particles of different density can be separated upon the effect of fluid and michanical forces in the moving medium, like water, air and gravity solution.

Flotation Separation Process:

Flotation separation process is to separate the mineral according to the differences of surface chemical and physical properties. The mineral is treated by floation reagent, and then the usable mineral can be attached on the bubbles. Non-ferrous ores, like copper ore, lead ore, zinc ore, sulphur ore, molybdenum ore, adopt flotation separation process; some ferrous metals, rare metals and some non-metallic ore, like graphite ore, apatite, also adopt this process.

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