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GZD Vibrating Feeder

Applicable materials:screening plant in the field of mineralprocessing..

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GZD series self-synchronizing inertial grizzly feeder can feed lump granular materials from storage silo or hopperuniformly and continuously or quantitatively into the feeding devce and protect the subject material device from materalattack and in this way it can safeguard the feeding device, It can deliver materials to the crusher continuously anduniformly, so it can effectively improve the capacity and continuous working ability of the crusher. Products of this seriesare widely used on crushing and screening equipment in the field of mineral processing, building materials, waterconservancy, chemical industry. They are responsible to provide stable and continuous feeding work for impact crushe cone crusher and other crushing equipment. They also can teed and blend to the crushing, filtering, screening,transportation, packagines and so on.

Vibrator motor

1.Small size, light weight, simple and compact structure;
2.Convenient installation and maintenance;
3.High efficiency, low power consumption;
4.Low noise, environmental-friendly;
5.Strengthen the exciter structure, and the stability ofequipment operation;
6.Equipped with manganese steel lining plate, canprotect the body effectively.

Working Principle

ZSW linear vibrting feeder consists of the groove, exciter, spring support base, transmission device and so on. The exciter is the vibration source. The exciter is made up of two eccentric shafts (one is the driving shaft, the other is driven shaft) and a gear pair. The motor drives the driving shaft through the V-belt, and the driving shaft drives the driven shaft. The driving shaft and driven shaft rotate conversely at the same time to vibrate the groove. The materials in the groove move forward to achieve the result of feeding. GZD Series vibrating feeder adopts double vibrating motor to vibrate the groove to feed materials to the crusher.


Please strictly refer to the product technical parameters for work. specifications are subject to change without notice. Please refer to the actual data of machine.

Hopper size (mm) Max. feeding size (mm) Capacity (tph) Obiquity of material trough (°) Power (kW) Total weight (t) Overall dimensions(L*W*H) (mm)
GZD-650X2300 650x2300 300 80 10 1.1X2 2.79 2300x1360x780
GZD-750X2500 750x2500 350 100 10 1.1X2 3.26 2500x1460x780
GZD-850X3000 850x3000 400 120 10 3X2 3.6 3110x1800x1600
GZD-1000X3600 1000X3600 500 150 10 5.5X2 3.89 3850x1950x1630
GZD-1100X4200 1100X4200 580 240 10 5.5X2 4.17 4400x2050x1660
GZD-1300X4900 1300X4900 650 450 10 7.5X2 5.2 5200x2350x1750
GZD-1500X5600 1500X5600 1050 450-800 10 11X2 7.5 5700x2000x1750

Note:The capacity may vary with different materials and feeding sizes. Technical parameters are subject to change without notice.

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