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Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Applicable materials:pebble, calcite, granite, quartz, concrete, dolomite, bluestone, iron ore, limestone for sand making plant.

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Sand making machine used for processing various kinds of minerals to construction sand and buliding sand, etc. VSI Sand Making Machine is a newly researched equipment, with international advanced level. VSI High Efficiency sand making machine(VSI crusher) is the top preferred equipment in artificial sand making and stone reshaping industry.

Rotor assembly
Distrbution disc

1.Good grain shape, reasonable sand grading;
2.Integrate the function of sand making and granule shape optimizing;
3.Unique design, easy maintenance;
4.High-performance production efficiency, low power consumption.

Working Principle

The raw materials are fed into the vertical shaft impact crusher by the feeding machine. The materials heap upon the scattering disc, and fall to the distribution disc from the rim of scattering disc. The materials are divided into two parts. One part falls into the high-speed centrifugal plate from the feeding pipe at the center of distribution disc. This part of materials is given high rotating speed and flung out through the runner of centrifugal plate. Firstly, the flying materials collide with the other part of materials which fall down from the rim of distribution disc, and then all the materials impact the lining of crushing cavity. As mentioned above, the materials will be impacted, rubbed and grinded repeatedly until fall out of the crushing cavity and into the discharge hopper.


Please strictly refer to the product technical parameters for work. specifications are subject to change without notice. Please refer to the actual data of machine.

Model Capacity  Max. feeding size Rotating speed
Power of double motor
Overall dimensions
Weight (t) Voltage (v)
      Feed at center and at sides  
Feed at center (tph) Feed at center and at sides  
Feed at center (mm)
VSI-7611 120-180 60-90 35 3 1700-1890 110 3700×2150×2100 11.8 380V
VSI-8518 200-260 100-130 40 35 1520-1690 180 4140×2280×2425 14.5 380V
VSI-9526 300-380 150-190 45 40 1360-1510 264 4560×2447×2778 17.8 380V
VSI-1140 450-520 225-260 50 45 1180-1310 400 5000×2700×3300 25.6 380V

Note:The capacity may vary with different materials and feeding sizes. Technical parameters are subject to change without notice.

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